Alldyn works with retail clients on transformative strategies and efficiencies in the face of complete digital onslaught.


Retailing is in the midst of a complete transformation. Traditional department stores are experiencing steadily declining traffic, and all seem to be caught in internal promotion ruts. Some of the biggest names in the business are performing poorly or even facing extinction. Online retailers are adding value to consumers in the form of convenience and savings, destroying profits for many brick-and-mortar competitors. 

Thriving retailers are finding differentiated ways to deliver value to consumers, providing them with experiences difficult to replicate online. Others are embracing the interplay between online and in-store shopping by complementing the two, essentially being agnostic about how transactions occur.  

Winning in retailing goes beyond connecting the online and in-store sales experience. The most successful retailers are as much research companies as they are retailers. With the emergence of millennials and the changing behaviors of baby boomers, retailing leaders are using a variety of research and analytic angles to craft winning strategies for specific consumer patterns.


Of any industry, retailing is the most data rich, where successful retailers can exploit data and analytics. Therefore, our strategy work in retailing focuses on how to apply and test the boundaries of analytics to formulate successful value positions and strategies. 

Our top focus for current earnings improvement in retail is in supply chain management and sourcing—whether it is for ailing legacy companies or new-age innovators. While retailers tend to be experts at sourcing mainstream inputs, we find substantial opportunities related to the ancillary goods and services retailers purchase. Given that most retail businesses run on thin margins, being good at buying indirect goods and services can mean the difference between being profitable or not.