Alldyn’s work in mining and metals is focused on optimizing capital projects, supply chain, and logistics where we make extensive use of our strengths in data analytics and sourcing.


The mining and metals industry goes through booms and busts constantly. Global mining has started to improve after several extremely bad years. Prices and equity valuations have risen from depressed levels for commodities, including copper, gold, iron ore, and zinc. However, the industry’s fundamentals remain challenged in the short to medium term because of slow demand growth and excess capacity. 

Companies in metals and mining are confronted with an environment that forces them to continually rethink strategies and operations. Companies face difficult challenges, including achieving value-creating growth and adapting business models to compete in a changing global landscape. They must transform company culture from focusing on just production and safety in the upcycle to balancing production, quality, safety, and cost when the going gets tougher.


Our consultants have conducted metals and mining work all over the world, including Canada, Africa, and Australia. Harnessing our strengths in data analytics and sourcing, Alldyn’s work focuses on optimizing capital projects, sourcing, and logistics. Mining companies tend to be flooded with production data and have minimal information pertaining to external contractors due to poor or absent data capture. In these instances, we work with clients to structure and analyze their vast production data while assisting them in organizing and establishing data-capture practices, allowing them to manage otherwise unmanageable external contractors.