Alldyn works with insurance carriers to devise unique niche or scale-driven strategies and to drive out frictional costs.


The global insurance industry is undergoing complete transformation. Until recently, carriers could survive without producing underwriting profits. With global interest rates being zero or negative, that is no longer true. Furthermore, regulatory requirements are becoming almost unmanageable, and agency models are breaking down against competition from direct underwriting. Legacy underwriters have reacted by cannibalizing intermediated origination with direct, all while continuing to lose share to purely direct writers. 

Legacy insurers also face expensive process and technology transformation, moving from manual to digital processes for underwriting, claims, and policy handling. Since smaller players cannot afford these technology investments, larger firms are acquiring them, thus diminishing profits as the industry further transforms from a multi-niche or segmented-value industry to a pure scale game.


Alldyn works with insurance carriers on challenges beyond the obvious. Digitization, the internet of things, and the cloud are tools to achieve strategic objectives, not the objectives themselves. From a strategic perspective, we work with carriers to establish uniqueness in the marketplace by occupying niches or becoming scale winners. 

From a tactical perspective, we work with insurance clients to continually improve current earnings. We are experts at addressing administrative, underwriting, claims-handling, and indemnity expenses. For example, our practitioners have pioneered groundbreaking ways to source expenses related to claims, including how to reduce legal costs while improving indemnity outcomes.