We assist industrial clients with strategy, supply chain management, process redesign, overhead cost containment, and a wide range of other tasks.


Megatrends are reshaping industries across the globe. For decades, industrial companies have been chasing low-cost geographies. New technology is changing the industrial landscape at an unprecedented pace. The internet of things, machine learning, robotics, and many other technologies are impacting almost every industry across the globe, forcing companies to change or fail.

Taking advantage of the liquidity flooding markets from monetary policies run amok, firms like Amazon, Google, and Uber are investing in initiatives at the edge of imagination while laggards are using the liquidity to bloat their balance sheets and buy back stocks. New technologies feed off each other, continually accelerating the rate of change that threatens the existence of companies in almost all industries.


Most of our industrial clients are in a continual cycle of destruction and re-creation—in essence harvesting cash flow from legacy businesses and re-investing in new ones. Our work with industrials is therefore two-fold. First, we enable them to maximize proceeds from the harvest through current earnings improvement work, finding and resolving inefficiencies. Second, much of our work with industrials includes detailed research, providing insights that allow clients to position or reposition their strategies in the face of rapidly changing technology and competition.