Alldyn works with new and legacy tech companies to devise winning strategies and current earnings management in a highly dynamic environment.


Technology is massively transforming many industries and completely annihilating others. Even tech companies themselves are facing transformation or destruction. The largest companies in the world by market cap are Apple, Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft, but at the turn of the century, Apple had just emerged from near bankruptcy and Google was still a new company. Few people could have envisioned that the iPhone would destroy Kodak. 

The current technology revolution has spawned billions of dollars of investment in tech startups and will continue to advance. The innovation of so many different technologies is rapidly accelerating, becoming exponentially disruptive with time. The current range of disruption includes mobile, the internet of things, digitization, machine learning, robotics, social media, interconnectivity, developments in battery technology, and advances in countless other fields.


Alldyn works with high-tech clients on both strategy and operational improvement. Our practitioners have helped various companies devise survival strategies as well as practical paths to innovation. We work with companies to design strategies that enable them to transition to a new product development state without imploding in the process. As companies transform from old cash-cow technologies to capital-intensive new technologies, Alldyn facilitates the essential focus on continual current earnings improvement. We work with clients to devise and implement new approaches to sourcing and supply chain, process redesign, and organizational realignment.