Alldyn works with higher education institutions to improve enrollment outcomes and create more efficient operating models.


Higher educational institutions all over the world are being challenged by changing technology, population dynamics, and new competition. Particularly in the United States, the quantity of accredited higher education institutions has grown significantly over the last two decades, including traditional, online, and hybrid entrants. Furthermore, the number of students seeking higher education has skyrocketed in an increasingly service-oriented economy where employers are more likely to require college degrees. 

These dynamics are significantly changing the basis for competition and decreasing the net present value of higher education. As the number of students increases, the average ability to pay full tuition declines as more students entering the market come from less privileged backgrounds. Low-cost alternatives have flooded the market, particularly with online and hybrid offerings, and many traditional institutions are wrestling with this transformation. Traditional academically based colleges and universities with high cost structures, insufficient endowments, and high tuitions are struggling to attract and retain students.


Alldyn works within higher education to help institutions fully understand the various factors that drive their economics. While this can seem intuitive to many, we have found that enrollment economics are highly complicated and difficult for institutions to optimize. As such, we help colleges and universities build comprehensive enrollment models. We also work with institutions to optimize efficiencies through sourcing, reengineering, spans and layers optimization, and IT remediation.